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Friday, 30 April 2010

Open Your Heart & Plant Your Dreams Seeds by Cate Mackenzie

Are you suddenly finding people are looking wonderfully beautiful? Are you enjoying the lovely bursts of sunshine and the new freshness of flowers and plants.

This is a natural part of the the season of Spring with new energy and new beauty and a great time to plant seeds of your dreams and think about what you would like to harvest in Autumn.

If you were to go back 365 days to the same time last year you might find a lot of the same experiences and feelings. We have just come out of Winter when we have been naturally hibernating and being more inward, gentle and slow with life.

Now we are in Spring and it is a good time to think about planting seeds which will grow in the Summer and come into fruition in Autumn. So this is a good time to think about what you want in your life and how you would like your life to be like in September and start to plant the seeds.

All projects begin with one idea and develop and grow with the energy we give it. Spring is an energising time, a great time to have fun, to be playful and to birth your ideas of what you want in your life.

Good luck!
Top Tips for May:
  1. Write down what you would like to create in your life. What home do you want, what career or partnership? Remember Oscar Wilde said that anything written down would come to pass.
  2. Take yourself to a park or nature in the sunshine and really take in the image of the flowers and the scenery and take a mental photo that you can remember for Autumn.
  3. Smile at lots of people, go on it's so much fun! Also if you are single and you would like to have a partner smile at at least 50 people and be open to being asked out!
  4. Think about what you would like to let go of mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Clear your cupboards, you'll be amazed what happens when you clear! The universe hates a vacuum so if you let go it allows new room for unexpected magic to come in!
  5. Take a risk buy a dress or a hat that makes you stand out and have fun with it!
  6. Be spontaneous and let a longed for wish come true. If you had no fear what would you love to do? I love comedy and I am thinking of doing a stand up comedy course!
  7. Playfulness! Can you let yourself have fun and play, can you paint or draw or dance or skate just for fun? Or how about feeding the ducks in the Park?
  8. Make lots of wishes and be prepared for them to come true!

Cate Mackenzie is Life Coach, Workshop Leader and Artist. She has been working with people since 1993 and teaches all around the UK and in Spain, Greece and Kuwait. She specialises in helping people to open their hearts to their wishes and dreams and paints heart paintings two of which are being sold as posters world wide in IKEA. She has been featured on BBC2, BBC Radio and in magazines Cosmopolitan, Psychologies and Harpers Bazaar.

Cate is running her course 'A Heart-Centred Life' on Skyros island, Greece this summer. Join her from Sunday 29 August to Saturday 11 September at the Atsitsa Bay Centre, by calling 01983 865566, see or email

Cate will also be facilitating a weekend at The Grange by the Sea in the Isle of Wight from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 June. Call Jenni on 01983 867644 if you would like to attend her weekend. Cate will also be at The Grange for a New Year Celebration at the end of the year.

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