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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Finding Your Purpose & Leading Your Life by Claire Chidley

I’ve visited Skyros as a participant and now I’m returning as a facilitator. I’m really looking forward to being at the Skyros Village Centre from the 20th June to 3rd July where I shall be running my programme ‘Finding Your Purpose and Leading Your Life’.

As Judy Garland once said: ‘”Be a first rate version of yourself not a second rate version of someone else,” so my programme is designed for people who feel empty when their days are so full, for those who feel out of balance and want to re-gain it, and those who want to find their life purpose and how to manifest it every day.

In the two weeks I’m there, I want to offer a new and different practice that I hope will provide you with a temporary escape pod to reflect away from your busy life and give you hope for a more joyous future.

I’ve spent more than twenty years managing and leading teams in organisations and businesses as well as coaching and mentoring individuals. (If you’re interested, my CV and a lot more information about what I do is on my company website ). I've studied and read avidly. I believe I've found a golden thread running through all this theory and practice. The same development areas crop up.
  • How to THINK for yourself and recognise your thinking patterns and where they come from
  • How to CREATE and use your imagination and ability to generate new ideas and possibilities. To dream. To know and appreciate beauty
  • How to FEEL emotionally expressive, compassionate and self-aware of others and their point-of-view. To manage yourself and your relationships
  • How to BELIEVE through your journey of self-improvement. To find the joy in life and your purpose
I’ve placed these four ‘Quarters’ into a circle for it’s is a significant symbol and geometric shape. For many cultures, the circle is a symbol of unity. Having no beginning or end, it represents infinity and perfection. If you travel this circle that I call 360 Degree Wisdom, you will gain a rounded perspective on how to lead a ‘whole-some’ life!

In the first week 'Finding Your Priorities', we’ll study each quarter of the 360 Degree Wisdom circle THINK, CREATE, FEEL and BELIEVE and ask ourselves challenging questions about our patterns of thinking and behaviour. We’ll also apply self-development and management techniques to understand better why we do things the way we do and how certain factors can influence us without our realising! We’ll spend time working through what makes you glow with energy and joy and see how this can be translated into daily life through living your true values, beliefs and attitudes.

In the second week, 'Leadership Skills', we will apply all you’ve learned from the 360 Degree Wisdom Circle to a set of scenarios and challenges that you might face as an individual or group. This can be applied to home and work situations. We’ll look at leadership theories and techniques to learn what is possible when you are in balance as a leader of your life and when you take on the responsibility and honour of leading others. We’ll discuss what qualities make a leader and study leaders from the past to see what can be applied by you in the future.

I hope to see you on my programme where we’ll have some serious fun!

Claire Chidley is the Managing Director of Create Tomorrow Today, a leadership development company. She has been working for 20 years as a senior manager in the public and cultural sector. See

Claire will be facilitating her courses at the Skyros Centre, on Skyros island, Greece from Sunday 20 June to Saturday 3 July. See, email or call 01983 865566
to book your place.

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