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Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Denim Workshop for You Girls by Andrea Gates

Selecting the right jeans for your body shape. Welcome to a checklist to use when shopping.

It is important to me to feel comfortable in my skin and to connect with a deeper centredness.... I also know that it is just as important to be comfortable in my own JEANS!!!!!!!! Look at buying jeans the same way as you would buying a new bra because the effects are just as dramatic.

Consider the following before you go.......
  1. When will I wear my new Jeans? Work/party/casual and all rounders.
  2. Check out any areas on your lower body that you consider to be your less attractive bits – you may have larger thighs like me!
  3. What shoes/boots will I wear with them? Take them with you when shopping.
  4. What size am I in trousers? Do I already have a pair of jeans that I love and they fit well? Why do I like them so much? Have a look at the waist rise and leg length.
  5. What is my budget and what shops internet sites will I use?
Now for the technical bit.........

Your body shape and shape of leg will be key in selecting the most flattering cut for you...

If you have a boyish frame with lean legs and torso you will look fab in the straight leg style however, pay close attention to the back pockets and ensure they create a peach effect and don’t flatten your bottom like pancake. Look to Audrey Hepburn and Kylie. They do the ¾ length jean with flat pumps and a simple shirt for timeless style - ideal for your shape. Your body shape doesn’t tend to have a defined waist so low /mid rise is best for you... belts look better sitting on your hips. You can wear the crisp engineered denim without too much give in the fabric. Boy cut jeans work well for you.

If you are like me and have a semi straight shape with shorter athletic legs and long body you will find low rise do not work. Our body shape is made for mid rise with boot cut leg and a generous amount of room at the top of the leg so the legs don’t look like sausages in skins!! Dark denim is best on these athletic legs and check that the denim has some flexibility in it. Sit down in them and bend over to check they fit well. Check the back pockets flatter your bottom and don’t flatten it or make it look big. Always choose patch back pockets as they break up the area and make the bottom pert and smaller.

If you want to elongate your leg length, like I do, always ensure the jeans come over your shoes and touch the ground. Wedged shoes/sandals are fab with the boot cut jean – thin spiky heals don’t work with athletic legs and boot cut jeans.
If you have long slim legs then you can carry off most styles however, do check the rise and ensure it sits just below or on the waist. As a semi straight you can move between the boy cuts and jeans cut for curves. Avoid crisp denim as it only works on the straight body type.

If you have an hour glass figure with a defined waist then go for jeans that you can belt at your slim waist. You are blessed with curves so use them! If you have shorter legs ensure the jeans are long enough to touch the floor with your shoes on - your body loves jean material that moves so avoid crisp structured denim as your body wants movement in the fabric. You will have square shape shoulders so check that the bottom of the jean is wide enough to balance out the look. Think Miss Monroe and tuck in your tops to show off your curves.

General tips for all bodyshapes..............

Do check that the jeans are not too tight over your waist/hip area as this creates a muffin top!! I tend to buy jeans a ½ - 1 size larger now that I am in my 50’s. Why? Because tight jeans don’t work on us as we get older! Try it.

I am running some workshops at Atsitsa from 20th June – 3rd July and then again 15th August – 28th August. My workshop is based on having a positive body image no matter what shape/size you are. I have found that being comfortable in my own skin gave me the freedom to think outside the box and develop my own style.

We have plenty of time here to work with you one to one so do bring your jeans and any items of clothing you want help with. It’s lots of fun and you will save you a fortune on buying clothes that you never wear!!! You can email me for any further help on

Love to you all
Andrea Gates X

Andrea will be running her courses in Greece this year, firstly from Sunday 20 June to Saturday 3 July in Atsitsa, Skyros island, and then from Sunday 15 to Saturday 28 August. Andrea will also be at the Skyros Centre from Sunday 1 August. So, plenty of opportunity to find out more! See, mail or call 01983 865566 to secure your place.

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