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Monday, 17 May 2010

This Summer by Silke Ziehl

This summer, gather again your spirit of adventure, your passion for life, and do what excites you and delights you. Rekindle your joy of living and reconnect to your deepest hopes and dreams. For we need those hopes and dreams as beacons that guide us on our life's journey, as reminders of where we are heading, and as invitations to life. If we do not hope and dream, our energy will frizzle away.

kyros, and especially Atsitsa for me, is a wonderful place to be reminded of what is essential in life. The stark beauty of the landscape, the sea and its ever changing everlastingness, the light that renders objects and people luminous – all contribute powerfully to coming back to basics in oneself. To remembering that life is just such a gift, and that to waste it is being so very unkind to ourselves, and to all around us too – for everybody is part of a larger whole, and everybody influences that larger whole.

Every cell in our body has a brain, and communicates with those around, and every cell matters. Similarly, every action we do, every thought we think, every emotion we have, matters, not only to ourselves, but in the larger context. Listening in to ourselves, listening to what we know, very tangibly, in our bones and marrow, in our muscles and tendons, in our heart and gut, in the many brains in our body, will reconnect us to our hopes and dreams.

So, if you want to have a good time, if you want to reconnect to a deeper and more passionate way of living, if you want to "save the world by saving yourself" – join our community in Atsitsa, this summer! In spite of the Ash clouds, in spite of the Greek economic unsettledness, Greece is still a wonderful place to reconnect to the simple and fully lived and deeply satisfying life which so many of us crave for.

Silke Ziehl is a body psychotherapist specialising in training professionals. She is the founder of the Entelia Institute for Creative Bodywork in Munich and London, and a member of the Open Centre, London.

Join Silke this summer in Atsitsa from Sunday 20 June to Saturday 3 July (AT5) where she will be running her course 'Body Magic'. To find out more about Silke's course and the other courses on offer in Atsitsa (including photography, windsurfing, music, yoga, dance, music & more) see

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