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Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015 is here ... wishing you a happy year ahead!

Here at The Grange, the Skyros head office in the Isle of Wight, we have been celebrating both Christmas and New Year in great company and high spirits! 

Huge thanks to our wonderful facilitators Jo Wood, Andrew Risner and Alison Goldie who ran fun and inspirational courses that were so loved.

Also thanks to our Greek chef, Takis, who prepared all the delicious food together with our superb Grange team of helpers. 'Food also amazing and felt thoroughly nurtured 
and spoiled by the lovely staff.' 'Cool vibes' said another. 
'Danced until the early hours... ' That's what we like to hear!

If you've not yet received your copy of the 2015 Skyros holiday brochure, please drop us a line at or call us on 01983 86 55 66. Don't forget your Friends of Skyros discount applies if you've been on any of the holidays before.

Take a look at the 2015 brochure online here:

With our very best wishes,

The Skyros Team
 & The Grange,
Isle of Wight

January: Salsa dance in Havana, Cuba

There's still time to join Skyros-in-Cuba this January before Cuba steps into an unknown but much anticipated transformation. This holiday includes salsa tuition paired with local Cuban dancers to mentor your progress. Explore Havana and enjoy Caribbean sunshine this month!

Dates: Monday 19 to Thursday 29 January

Price: £1,095 includes 10 nights accommodation, breakfast, two evening meals, Skyros courses, local talks and visits, and a half day city tour.

February: Grange weekends & Skyros Goat Festival

Grange weekends begin from Valentine's weekend onwards, kicking off with Alison Goldie's Flirting & Dating weekend. Trust Alison to know how to start a season! See

Also this month visit Skyros island in Greece for a four-night break and witness the Skyrian Goat Festival. This is a totally unique festival that involves the entire island community.

Dates: Goat Festival short break from Friday 20 to Tuesday 24 February

Price: £395 includes 4 nights' half board accommodation and cultural talks and visits.

March: Dr Dina Glouberman's course in Marrakech

In March, Grange weekends continue with another four short breaks featuring 'Everyone Can Sing' with Sarah Warwick, 'Intaglio Printmaking' with Sarah Livingstone, 'Writing from Life' with Helena Drysdale and 'Yoga with Awareness' with Ken Eyerman.

Then there's a wonderful opportunity to visit Marrakech on a holiday together with Skyros co-founder Dr Dina Glouberman. Find out how every journey has a secret destination.

Dates: Skyros-in-Marrakech - Saturday 14 to Thursday 19 November

Price: £695 includes 5 nights accommodation, breakfast and arrival dinner, Dina's course, local talks and visits and an excursion to the Atlas mountains.

April: Paris in Springtime

Grange weekends in April include 'Finding Happiness' with life coach Suzanne Hazelton, 'Digital Photography' with David Babsky and 'Successful Fiction' with author Leigh Russell.

Join photographer Kel Portman for a short break and enjoy Paris in springtime. See Paris through the eyes of an artist and create beautiful images that will last forever.

Dates: Skyros-in-Paris - Wednesday 8 to Sunday 12 April

Price: £625 includes 4 nights accommodation, breakfast and arrival dinner, Skyros courses, local talks and visits, metro travel, entrance to the Louvre and an evening boat trip.

May: Rupert Brooke Remembered on Skyros island

Enjoy weekends of comedy, mindfulness, writing and jazz at The Grange in the Isle of Wight in May. Logan Murray will be running his comedy and creativity course over the early bank holiday weekend. Book early for your place on his course.

We have a very special celebration of the life of the great English poet, Rupert Brooke, who died just off Skyros island one hundred years ago and rests in an olive grove of the island. The celebration is facilitated by Susie Self, granddaughter of playwright/poet John Drinkwater who was one of the Dymock poets alongside Rupert Brooke, Robert Frost and others. Susie will be joined by Kevan Manwaring who is an author and specialist on Brooke's poetry.

Dates: Rupert Brooke Remembered - Sunday 24 to Saturday 30 May

Price: £545 includes 6 nights half board accommodation on Skyros island plus talks and visits.

June to September: Skyros island, Greece

What a line-up we have for you! We're all so looking forward to another wonderful summer season on the beautiful island of Skyros. There's so much to mention here we don't know where to start.

Perhaps let's just whet the appetite with a reduced transfer time to start. Skyros holidays begin on Sundays which correspond with the current Aegean flights from Athens. This means a 40-minute flight to Skyros island. This is just one reason to book quickly (only a 78-seater!) and secure your Skyros holiday for the summer. Early Bird discount ends 13 February.

Dates: From Sunday 7 June to Saturday 26 September

Price: From £545 includes 6 nights full board accommodation with courses in Atsitsa or half board accommodation with courses at the Skyros Centre in Skyros village.

October: Venetian adventure

Grange weekends continue through October with courses in comedy improvisation, art from the heart, passionate living, life writing and yoga with awareness. There's really something to appeal to everyone.

Then we have a short break in glorious Venice. To walk down Venice's traffic-free streets or to take a vaporetto water bus is to be swept off your feet in a romantic world of endless canals, stunning architecture, piazzas and characteristic Venetian bridges. This stylish holiday will ensure you bring back unforgettable memories from this seductive city of culture.

Dates: Skyros-in-Venice - Saturday 24 to Wednesday 28 October

Price: £625 includes 4 nights accommodation, breakfast and arrival dinner, Skyros courses, local tours and visits, vaparetto pass and entrance to Musica a Palazzo.

November: Moroccan design

In November, the Grange weekends include courses in Mindfulness, Cuban Salsa and The Art of Writing Fiction.

Join Skyros-in-Marrakech again this month. This time it's for an appreciation of design with Sarah Livingstone's Journal Making course. Craft bookbinding is flourishing as artists and writers rediscover the potential of the handmade book. Be inspired by your surroundings, construct your own book and enjoy the sense of mindfulness, flow and relaxation that can accompany the experience.

Dates: Skyros-in-Marrakech - Saturday 14 to Thursday 19 November

Price: £695 includes 5 nights accommodation, breakfast and arrival dinner, Sarah's course, local talks and visits and an excursion to the Atlas mountains.

December: Christmas & New Year at The Grange

The Grange Christmas and New Year breaks are too good to miss. Book now as several have done already and make sure you don't miss out as places are limited.

Malcolm Stern and Alison Goldie will be your hosts for Christmas and then Susie Self and Andrew Risner will ensure you welcome 2016 with all the best intentions.

Dates: Thu 24 to Sun 27 & Wed 30 to Sat 2 January

Price: £425 includes 3 nights accommodation, all meals and courses. Skyros discounts apply.

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