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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Cha Cha Cha, Hustle and Swing in Tropical Cuba...
'By the end of the trip, no one wanted to leave. And, eight months on, we're all in touch, passionate about Salsa and still going to classes in the UK.' Woman and Home
Skyros is getting you shaking, swinging, kicking and twisting with a culturally rich holiday in sunny Cuba. See:

Cuba is known for classic American cars, high energy Salsa dancing and the infamous Mojito. Skyros promises an enriching but not overwhelming 10 days of informative historical tours and progressive Salsa lessons. Early morning yoga before a sumptuous breakfast ensures a great start to the day. Share the news of the day and help build that community vibe before dipping in the refreshing hotel pool. 

The Habana Libre is a 5-star hotel oozing style but also fame. Originally known as the Hilton, Fidel Castro chose the Habana Libre as his headquarters while he revolutionised Cuba. The hotel has 24-hour room service, a mini-mart and swimming pool that will be much appreciated in the tropical climate. Cuba prides itself on organic food and excels with its locally caught seafood. 

Havana is the perfect place to learn Cuba's national dance - Salsa. Our authentic Cuban style Salsa classes are facilitated by one of Havana's top Salsa dance professors, Rolando Gonzales. We provide experienced local Cuban dance partners to mentor your Salsa and ensure a high quality learning experience. 

The price of this Cuban adventure is £1,095 with breakfast and two evening meals inclusive. Our designated Virgin Atlantic flight is best booked through The Holiday Place (0207 644 1700) as they include a free VISA with flights. For more information on this unmissable experience visit our Cuba pages here: 

Watch the Cuba 2012 film . . .

Watch this lovely video put together by film-maker Julian Doyle of Monty Python fame. It's from the Skyros holiday in Cuba. Havana is one of the most diverse and unique countries in the Americas: A city of contrasts with countryside, caves and Caribbean sun -- this holiday is much more than the average dance holiday, it packs a cultural punch too:

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