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Thursday, 14 July 2011

10 Top Reasons to take a Skyros Holiday...

By Rochelle Snow (second pirate from the right!), a recent addition to the UK Skyros Team.

There is the occasional job out there that comes with a few added perks. Years back, I worked for a Mexican restaurant and managed to live off free burritos for an entire month. As you can imagine, it was a good month! However, when Skyros Holidays asked me to hea
d out to Greece to experience the Skyros magic first hand, little did I know that this perk of the job would actually turn out to be my very own holiday of a lifetime....

So, as hard as it is to condense my time on Skyros into 10 top highlights, here I go!

1) Laugh as much as you did as a child. Remember that carefree laughter that can bring tears to your eyes? My muscles ached for a week after Skyros!

2) Meet some amazing people. It's a cliché, but from the younger work scholars to the participants that have been visiting Skyros since the 80's, amazing friendships are formed.

3) Relax on a completely new level.
Swim in the crystal clear Aegean, fall asleep to goat bells and wake to the sound of the birds. Bliss!

4) Do all those c
razy things you've always wanted, but never dared! Ten days in Skyros and I'm now a windsurfer-cum-guitar player... I can even do both at the same time. (Joking!)

5) Eat well, eat heartily and eat fresh! Spinach & ricotta pie... slow-roasted lamb shanks... Mediterranean mixed vegetables... fresh Greek salad... need I say more?

6) Renew your confidence. In life. In relationships. In yourself. 

7) Live your myth in an ancient land. Talk to Theseus, Achilles and Odysseus
and immerse yo
urself in a country bursting with beautiful architecture, history, culture and philosophy.

8) Remind yourself about what's important. Skyros helped remind me to love, laugh and live!

9) Get a suntan! It was a working HOLIDAY, after all....

10) Find out what all the fuss is about! It's such a joy to realise the attraction that brings people to Skyros year after year. I, for one, will definitely be heading back. And I'm glad to finally be in on the secret...

For more informatio
n on the holidays available with Skyros, or to reserve your place, call us on 01983 86 55 66.

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