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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Skyros Centre Adventure by Sara Withers

I went to the Skyros Centre on Skyros island in Greece to facilitate some jewellery making for the Music and Arts part of the programme. I didn't really know what to expect, but had decided it was time for a little adventure. My husband came with me and we were both in need of a holiday as well as a change, and normally we would have gone to Greece to collapse at this time of year!

What an adventure it was - we were both captivated by how Skyros works. We arrived mid session and were so impressed by how supportive and welcoming everyone was. We met so many interesting people from many different countries. There is a real feeling of the community working together to create a space where participants can rethink their lives, learn a new skill or relax in a proactive way.

There is lots to do, a great yoga class first thing, classes in the morning and early evening and some evening activities. But there's always time for the beach, a walk or just time on your own as well. And wonderful healthy food. The jewellery making was a pleasure, it was great to be working with such interested and interesting people and the beach had just the right sort of stones to make into pendants!

Our second week was Arthur Smith's comedy writing course. I don't think I have heard so much laughter for years, again a positive, caring group was quickly formed from the participants.

How does it happen so fast at Skyros?

Sara Withers

Sara came to the Skyros Centre in September with her husband Nick to teach jewellery making as part of the Music and Arts programme at the Centre. For more information about the Skyros Centre or any of the other holistic holidays offered by Skyros Holidays visit the Skyros website or call 01983 865566.

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