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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Atsitsa Bay - The Place by Kate Shore

In a place where the waves sway soothingly against the rocks,
Where the silky rhythm tunes into your heart,
Where the calm is inhaled from within,
There is no anguish
There is no sorrow.

In a place where the sun reaches into our soul,
Where the light shines through our hearts,
There is no darkness
There is no hollow.

At dawn, the wind breathes into our bodies,
Exhaling any insecurities,
Cleansing our souls from deep within.
At dusk it settles our hearts,
Renews our strength,
And gently eases our sorrow.

In a place where the past is history,
Where the future beckons us on and moves us with force,
Where nature is at ease with itself,
Shining on as an example,
Leading the way to move on.

In a place where my wound is healing,
Where my judgements and decisions are clear,
Where no past can haunt the future,
But the unexpected shows us no fear.

Atsitsa Bay – the healer and the journey,
Beckoning us and believing in us to encompass what lies ahead.
The gate,
The path,
And the way.

Kate Shore
Written 29/09/10, Skyros Island, Greece

Kate visited Atsitsa Bay for a holiday in late September this year where she had the opportunity to choose from a wide range of activities including personal development, windsurfing, painting, singing, dance, sailing and yoga. For more details about Atsitsa Bay or any other Skyros holiday visit

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