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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sally Jones befriends uncertainty at the Skyros Centre

A whole week has flown by already. It feels barely believable but as we unwind, we lose track of the days and of time and instead allow ourselves to slip into a natural rhythmic flow. Tensions are melting away and I am noticing a relaxed healthy energetic glow on the faces of participants.

The invigorating winds have settled to a gentle cooling breeze. I realise I haven’t seen one single cloud since my arrival here. Reliable blue skies make a refreshing change from the unpredictability of the weather back home and the pleasure of swimming in the beautiful blue Aegean sea never ceases.

One of my greatest joys this week has been picking the fresh figs off the trees on route to and fro to the beach and splitting them open to enjoy the fresh sweet flesh. In my course we have been working on developing mindfulness and this provides a perfect opportunity to practise this – savouring the full flavour of the figs after enjoying the sensory delights they provide visually.

We have one more week ahead and I hope we can stay present moment to moment and fully enjoy the magic Skyros never fails to provide.

Psychologist, Dr Sally Jones, is currently running her course 'Befriending Uncertainty' at the Skyros Centre in Greece. To find out more about Skyros holidays in Greece, Thailand, Cuba and the Isle of Wight, see

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