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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Good people waiting for you in beautiful Atsitsa!

The 2015 Greek holiday season started yesterday, Sunday, in Atsitsa on Skyros island in Greece. The season promises to offer once again the same 'magical', 'life-changing' experience and Atsitsa will be the place 'where dreams come true'. Our amazing and hard-working staff team makes all the difference and ensures Atsitsa remains the thriving and beautiful holiday destination it has always been. Here the members of this year's admin team, keen to ensure you have your best holiday yet, take the opportunity to introduce themselves. You would love them!

With our very best wishes,

The Skyros Team
The Grange, Isle of Wight

The 2015 Atsitsa admin team . . .

Caroline Stuart-Taylor - Centre Manager: Having been to Atsitsa as a participant three times, I really love the place. It's so beautiful and the atmosphere that's created is very special. I love the ethos of the community here, and the courses are fantastic. Having worked all my life in ski travel, I am looking forward to using my experience in the running of Atsitsa and welcoming new people as well as friends from past courses.

Mark Shaw - Site Manager: I've been coming regularly to the island since 2001 and have worked in many different roles in Atsitsa from a work scholar to site manager. I have a military background and work as a climbing instructor for some of the biggest companies in the world. I love being here on the island appreciating both the natural environment and locals. 

Kelly Stock - Office Administrator: I have been a participant in Atsitsa several times now and it always feels like home when I return. The beauty and healing nature of the place never fails to surprise and I like the person I am when I am here. I hope now to help to make other people's holidays and experiences as special as mine have been. Read Kelly's thoughtful poem about Atsitsa here.

Jerri Conrad - Bar & Transfers Administrator: As a participant on the Skyros holiday in Marrakech I was  tasked to write a letter from my future self to my present self. Part of this letter described a beautiful future:

'You're now in the Mediterranean. Life is simpler and slower. You're living comfortably and authentically. You're spending your time with, and learning from, a vast range of interesting people. You are able to use your skill set in a creative way. You're bringing joy to others and, most importantly, to yourself.'

So when asked why I chose to join the Atsitsa community, I can honestly say that it's because it's the exact place I'm meant to be - my future self told me so!

Katherine Bates - Housekeeper: Hello! My name is Kate and my professional background was originally in the fashion industry covering everything from textile design and embroidery through to fine tailoring and dressmaking. Alongside this I have had a long career in the hospitality industry. I have come to Atsitsa to try something new and completely different from my usual routines. 

If you would like more information about any of our holidays we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

phone: +44 (0)1983 86 55 66
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