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Thursday, 17 April 2014

How You Could Transform Your Life with a Life Choices Course at the Skyros Centre

Get help with relationships, health, career, finding happiness and more...

If you are searching for answers to important questions and looking for ways of changing your life, then the Life Choices programme at The Skyros Centre this year is the place to be this summer. Courses this year include help with successful relationships, how to build your confidence, follow your dreams, how to be happy and even business presentation skills and how to start your own business.

At the Skyros Centre, in the ancient hillside village of Skyros, Greece, you will experience a warm and friendly atmosphere.  It is a perfect place to unwind and rediscover what you really want out of life. The Life Choices programme runs mid-morning for three hours for five days per week. In the afternoons you are free to explore the charming village, laze on the sandy beach, make new friends - or simply enjoy a siesta.  The holiday includes opportunities for early morning yoga, massage treatments and trips and visits. There have been many positive comments about the Life Choices programme, such as:

"This workshop gave me a new, positive perspective on situations I have found challenging at home!"

"You have changed my life and helped me to have a second chance at living and being happy."

Our Life Choices programme does not provide all the answers.  But it will give you the encouragement you need to leave behind life's limitations, recharge your passion and go for what really matters to you to transform your life.  Courses take place between June and September.  See below for courses that could help you this 2014:

Successful Relationships - Juliette Smith
Personal and Professional Relationship and Communication Skills
Sat 7 - Sat 14 Jun 2014

We are all in numerous relationships and consequently need to communicate regularly - whether with a partner, colleagues, friends or family. There’s always a way to improve our relationships – even those that are already working well. Would you like to be yourself more often, connect more with others and feel more confident and relaxed when you communicate – whether at work or at home? Interactive practical and fun, this course offers you relationship advice which will give you the opportunity to do just that – helping you with your relationships and more.

Raise Your Game & Finding Happiness - Suzanne Hazelton
Sat 14 - Fri 27 Jun 2014

Raise Your Game (Week 1)
Research shows that successful individuals have a disproportionately positive effect on society. But what does success mean to you? Success means different things to different people, and there is no single right answer, the only answer that really matters, is what success means to you.  As you are, you are of course perfect, and successful, but you may still wish to make changes to your life. You will explore what has led to your current levels of success so that you can use these as a foundation for designing and building your future success - success 2.0, your next version.

Finding Happiness (Week 2)
Busy can be the enemy of happy. Come and join us to pause, breathe and explore what makes us happy and how to be happy. There are of course many routes to happiness and fulfilment, and each of us will have our own flavours that seem to work for us. Sometimes we simply forget to use our approaches for happiness, or just occasionally they just do not have the same potency as they once did. During this workshop we will be exploring three paths to finding happiness.

Mindful Living - Michael Eales
Sat 28 Jun - Sat 5 Jul 2014
Mindful living is an exploration of the practice of present-moment awareness, kindness and whole-hearted living. It is a simple path to our core self, the place of inner wisdom, wellbeing and happiness. It also provides tools for recognizing and reducing unhealthy stress and for becoming aware of our habits of thought and action, which keep us stuck.

Creative Confidence - Kate Daniels
Sat 5 - Fri 18 Jul 2014
If you want to re-focus your life or your relationships and you want to have fun and a creative time doing so in the wonderful setting of Skyros, this is the course for you. If you've ever said to yourself "I want to change my life", but are not sure how to get going, or in what direction, or you may feel as though your life is good but there are some gaps. You might just feel as though you want to take some time to explore your life and your options.  Building on your strengths, Kate’s course will help you to identify and enable the kinds of changes you want to introduce into your life and to create a map for a contented and successful future.

Present Your Best Self - Tiana Harper
Sat 19 - Sat 26 Jul 2014
Enhance your presentation skills by building on your unique personality and innate confidence to present your relaxed and authentic self. Using performance, writing, pitching and presenting skills, Tiana will guide you through the groundwork and preparation required to enable ease, clarity and authority in front of an audience, be it business, social or entertainment. Focusing on movement psychology and voice production as well as the crafting of content, the course will afford each participant the opportunity to create short presentations and present them to the group.

Also - see Tiana's blog post "How to Shine in Public Speaking" below.

3 Steps to a New Beginning - Dina Glouberman
Sat 26 - Fri 8 Aug 2014
Are you feeling stuck or burnt out, facing difficult changes, or simply yearning for something you cannot imagine having? If so, this workshop by Imagework pioneer and Skyros co-founder Dr Dina Glouberman can help you:

•    Recognise the catalyst that will start you moving in a new direction
•    Get a vision of the future that would be right for you
•    Find your way forward to a new beginning

The secret is to educate your imagination to bring together the spiritual and the practical - learn to attend to the whisperings of your heart and soul while being grounded in the real world. You will emerge from the workshop with the clarity and confidence to take your next step in life. Since you are what you imagine, if where you are is not where you want to be, why not learn to imagine better?

Choose Life at Any Risk - Ari Badaines
Sat 9 Aug - Fri 22 Aug 2014
The essence of this group centres around the idea that people get stuck in many aspects of their lives: relationships, work, self perceptions, self esteem. There are many reasons for this inability to move, but the essential idea is that people do not take the necessary risks to get unstuck; and if they do, will often not tolerate the ensuing anxiety and discomfort long enough to maintain the growth that will enable them to move in the  direction of their life-dreams and fulfill their yearnings. Thus, avoidance of anxiety becomes primary for many, and they remain stuck in relatively unsatisfying relationships to others, themselves, family, and their vocation....

Individuals soon begin to share at a more personal level about their concerns and difficulties, and then using a variety of approaches including some from psychodrama and gestalt therapy, they facilitate their process which often helps them to experience the blocked emotions, gain new awareness, and experience more satisfying ways of being.

Making it Happen for You! - Entrepreneur Course - Louise Gimson
Sat 23 Aug - Sat 30 Aug 2014
Thinking of self employment? Do you have a hobby that you would like to turn into an income? Always wanted to work for yourself but don’t know how? Making it Happen For You is a fun, inspiring and motivating way to plan your business. Recognise your personal values and put them at the heart of your enterprise. Address both the emotional and practical side to business start up, or simply rejuvenate a business you already run. This course will give you self-believe and arm you with practical skills to plan  and start your own business.

Being Ourselves - Gaie Houston
Sat 30 Aug - Fri 12 Sep 2014
'Being Ourselves' is intended as a relaxed workshop focussing on finding more ways to enjoy being in your own skin, on your own terms.  And that is massively to do with how to get on with other people without selling out on yourself, or imposing on them. These sessions will have plenty of energy and laughter, maybe music at times, or strolls into the sun, along with useful learning about many kinds of communication, for whoever wants that too.

What is a Skyros Holiday?
It’s a holiday where people can explore new possibilities, pursue new ideas and unearth talents they didn’t even suspect they possessed. Take a look at our website if you’d like to know more about holidays at Atsitsa Bay or the Skyros Centre

How to Book Your Holiday on the Life Choices Programme
If you've got questions about any of these courses you can call us for a chat - we'd be happy to help: Tel: +44(0)1983 865 566.  Or, if you're ready to make your booking, you can BOOK ONLINE.

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