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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Comedy Writing Courses 

Come to Skyros and learn how to write comedy and how to improvise in comedy. Professional comedians, including Arthur Smith, Karen Hayley and Andy Ford, offer guidance and tips in the tricks of the comedy trade. These comedy courses are running on the beautiful Greek island of Skyros this summer and at The Grange, Isle of Wight. 

You don’t need to be a professional comedian or an aspiring comedy writer to join any of our comedy courses. You can take part with no experience whatsoever! 

Whether you’re interested in stand-up comedy, writing sitcoms or just generally being more funny, you’ll gain a greater awareness of different comic styles, create a comedy persona and generally get really creative. You can also build your confidence, hone your communication skills and have a laugh, learning from people who really know what it takes to be funny - all in stunning, inspirational surroundings. 

The comedy courses take place between June and September, at either the renowned Writers' Lab at the Skyros Centre, where you can focus in-depth on comedy, or in Atsitsa Bay, where comedy is always part of the mix on the holiday. See below for comedy courses in Skyros this season... 

Comedy Writing Courses at the Skyros Centre:

Creating Comedy - Arthur Smith
Sat 13 - Sat 20 Sep 2014 – Skyros Centre
There are three rules of comedy.  Unfortunately no one can remember what they are! In these sessions we shall do our best to recover them and to bring out the funny in every student. Whether you wish to write gags, sitcoms or plays you will find something here to stimulate you.  At the end of the course we will present a comedy night... read more

Arthur Smith is a comedian, writer and broadcaster.  He has performed comedy all over the world and has written every form of comedy from stand-up one liners to full length plays and screenplays.  His play An Evening with Gary Lineker ran for several years in the West End. He appears regularly on Radio 4 but finds that he is best known for the BBC show Grumpy Old Men. His acclaimed autobiography My Name is Daphne Fairfax was published last summer... read more

Writing Comedy - Logan Murray
Sat 7 - 14 Jun 2014 Skyros Centre

Nurture your sense of humour, develop your comedy technique and uncover your unique comic voice to make people laugh.  The group will explore different forms of humour writing and technique to help ignite your inner comic genius, formulate new ideas and to execute these ideas in novel and dynamic ways.  You will learn some tricks of the trade and gain a great awareness of a multitude of comic styles... read more

Logan Murray is a working comic and award winning director, author of Teach Yourself Stand Up Comedy, and a script consultant for BBC3.  He has recently run a series of writing workshops for the Radio Four Comedy Department.  His courses offer a unique opportunity to find out what a comedian's job is like and explore his belief that comedy really is a life more

Comedy Improvisation Courses at Atsitsa Bay:
From 28 Jun - 20 Sep 2014 

Every holiday at Atsitsa Bay on Skyros island includes the option for a comedy course and we’ve some fantastic facilitators to help you learn how to write comedy and improvise. Holidays at Atsitsa Bay are fun, enriching and life-affirming. In addition to the comedy course, you can take your pick from seven other courses during your holiday, with subjects ranging from Windsurfing to Life Coaching. So at the same time as learning and having fun, you’ll gain the opportunity to connect with people, all on a beautiful Greek island. Now, read about our comedy facilitators and course dates at Atsitsa Bay….

Andy Ford
Sat 28 Jun - Sat 5 Jul & Sat 5 Jul - Fri 18 Jul 2014
One of the leading pantomime comics in the UK with a successful spot on ITV prime time, much television work and a Royal Variety Performance under his belt, Andy Ford has also starred alongside many entertainers including David Hasselhoff, Henry Winkler and Barbara Windsor.  The Art of Comedy has long been a passion for Andy, and to share his knowledge and expertise with budding performers is something that he really enjoys doing... read more

Karen Hayley
Sat 23 - Sat 30 Aug 2014 
A leading comedy writer, performer and voice over artist, Karen has substantial experience in film, TV and theatre. Best known for her performances in The Armstrong & Miller Show (BBC1), Bo Selecta (C4), Fool Britannia by Dom Jolly, and MTV, she has written TV and radio comedy projects for a wide variety of production companies, from Hat Trick Productions to Talkback Thames. Karen performs live comedy regularly in London... read more

Ailon Freedman
Sat 19 - Sat 26 Jul & Sat 26 Jul - Fri 8 Aug 2014
As a character comedian Ailon has performed around the country as his alter ego Trev the Yogic Builder and Reiki Ron, and also produced his own comedy films.  Ailon is interested in the therapeutic value of comedy, seeing laughter and play as a wonderful way to help us take ourselves a little less seriously.  A multifaceted creative arts facilitator, he also runs workshops in the corporate and personal-development worlds… read more

Andrew Risner 
Sat 9 - Fri 22 Aug 2014
A leading trainer, facilitator and coach with a background in stand up comedy, Andrew has been a member of the magic circle and is an NLP Master Practitioner and certified hypnotherapist. He is an empathic and sensitive facilitator who is able to create and maintain an atmosphere of trust and respect and brings a wealth of fun and insight to his workshops... read more

John Cremer
Sat 30 Aug - Fri 12 Sep 2014
John has been improvising since 1993 when he worked with the legendary Louis Anthony Russo and also with Playback Theatre of Arizona.  In 2001 he formed the Maydays, an award-winning improvisation company, and their sold out performances at the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals attract rave reviews.  Trained himself by top improvisers, he was recently invited to perform in the longest running improv show in Chicago Whirled News Tonight.  John is also the author of Improv, and Reading People - he is an expert in an uncannily accurate method of reading people!... read more

Comedy Course at The Grange, Isle of Wight

Comedy & Creativity - Logan Murray
Friday 18 - Monday 21 April (Easter) 2014

Unlock your inner idiot for fun and profit! Do you want to learn the basic principles of comedy? Would you like to learn how easy it is to be funny? Would you like tips for performing in front of a live crowd? Then this weekend taster into the world of live comedy could be for you. In two and a half days you will discover your inner comic and then - if you’re brave enough - unleash it on an unsuspecting audience on the last day!... read more

What is a Skyros Holiday?

It’s a holiday where people can explore new possibilities, pursue new ideas and unearth talents they didn’t even suspect they possessed. Take a look at our website if you’d like to know more about holidays at Atsitsa Bay or the Skyros Centre

Ready to Book Your Comedy Course?

For all courses on Skyros, you can Book Online, or give us a call on Tel: 01983 865 566 and we’ll answer any questions you might have. For the comedy course at The Grange, please call The Grange direct on Tel: 01983 867 644.

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