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Saturday, 17 August 2013

You're Simply The Best ...

This post is dedicated to all our wonderful holiday participants who are helping us on our quest to raise €20,000 for the Skyros Island Support Fund!

As you may know, Skyros holidays have been raising funds to heat Skyros island’s three schools, the clinic and nursing home during the winter 2013/14 now that government funds have dried up for the purpose.

We are currently working with a local committee on the island who are ensuring that all proceeds reach exactly where they're most needed. However, we just wanted to take a moment to say that we are genuinely touched by the response to our appeal. Since our first holiday in Greece this season, Skyros guests and staff have held an 'Auction of Promises' every holiday. This means an item of value has been donated to the cause, and then the race begins – to bid it out for what you desire most.
Some truly spectacular promises have emerged from the woodwork. Just to give you an example, the list includes a private helicopter flight from Sussex to the Isle of Wight; private photography lessons; writing mentoring; holidays in Brussels, UK, America and South Africa; a personalised cover of the Financial Times; signed novels; workshops with Skyros facilitators; massages; Greek cooking lessons – the list goes on.

Bidders have been incredibly generous, many offering single bids of over €100, and much higher for larger items. One seller offered to buy their items back from the winning bidder for twice what was paid. Another participant at The Skyros Centre very generously matched the entire amount raised in a single auction, which brought the record for the single highest bid up to €1,321.70! At last Wednesday's auction alone €2,900 was raised by Atsitsa Bay. And then, quite amazingly, another potential €2,900 was raised by the Skyros Centre. They must be in tune with each other!

In total the Skyros Island Support Fund has reached €15,800 since its launch in March 2013. At this rate, we may even surpass our goals, which means we'll be able to help with funding the social supermarket that distributes food to those who can’t afford it, and also sourcing medicines.

So a HUGE thank you goes to each and every person who has supported the Fund. You've left us all warm and fuzzy. All we can think is that we are the luckiest company ever – our holiday participants and staff are simply the best!

With best wishes,

The Skyros Team

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