Skyros, Greece

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Friday, 7 September 2012

The joy of (teaching in) Skyros

Recently returned from a renowned Skyros holiday, life coach and facilitator Claire Schrader shares her recent experiences of the leading holistic holiday and the wonderful Greek island that is Skyros. Thanks Claire, for blog and for the lovely pictures too!

Photo above shows Claire (in the red trousers) with her participants, enjoying a cool drink at the Skyros Village centre.
My first sight of the view from the Skyros Centre, brought tears to my eyes. They were the tears of not only of a beautiful sight but of all the memories of the last time I was in Skyros – the people, the inspiration, the fun, the magic. How could this time be even better? But it was!
The title of my course this year was A Call to Adventure – and I found myself on a bit of an unexpected adventure.
A few days before I came out, I was knocked over by a moped. As I looked down at the two inch gash in my leg – the skin had torn like a piece of cloth - I wondered if this was going to be a problem. I was patched up with 5 stitches and hobbled out to Skyros, hoping that it would heal up quick and I would be only too soon swimming in that glorious sea. But it was not to be. My wound developed an infection and I was taxi-ed to the Skyros Medical Centre, where the doctors frowned at my wound – and did what was necessary to heal it up.
For anyone who has ever worried about something similar happening, let me first applaud the superb treatment I received from the Greek medical system - and to Julian and Andrew who took magnificent care of me. I could not have been in better hands. And thanks too to the wonderful participants on my course who made sure I didn’t jump around too much!
But this did nothing to mar a wonderful time – a time that is hard to put into words. And I hope these pictures give you some sense of what we experienced...
A gorgeous evening shot of the Skyros beach at sundown as we waited for freshly caught fish to be cooked at the fantastic fish restaurant on the beach.

The beach where we wiled away many an hour....

I may have been hobbling but I could still strut my stuff as the MC.

 One of the highlights of the holiday for me was the celebration of Saint Agios Ermileous - a holy day in which hundreds of people gathered on the Molos and piled into fishing boats to be taken across to a little island where there was a special service to celebrate the saint’s day.

Applause at the end of another fantastic cabaret night of heart warming creativity – after which Orville (Mez Packer’s husband) “dropped some tunes”. Dancing to James Brown and Bob Marley till the very early hours.
The hilarious sweeping scene

And then it was time to go...
Here art facilitator Michael Gahagan enjoys the appreciation of the group for his wonderful work

Saying goodbye to those lovely hills to return again next year??!!


  1. I am saving up to come to Skyros hopefully in 2013 for one of the writing weeks. It will be tough to get enough money together but I want to come so much and this piece has made me even more determined. Colette

    1. Hi Colette,
      We're glad you enjoyed this post and we look forward to welcoming you in Skyros soon!

  2. I teach at Esalen and am wondering how to apply to teach at Skyros,
    Gwyneth www.

    1. Hi Gwyneth,
      We have already organised our teaching staff for the season, but please feel free to send through your CV for future reference. (