Skyros, Greece

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hello from Atsitsa!

The Atsitsa Team
Skyros holidays is due to begin its summer season in Greece on the 21st of July. Centre Manager from the holistic holiday in Atsitsa Bay, Zoë Harris writes:

In our time off we have been enjoying beautiful weather, a bumper crop of apricots and lemons (figs and almonds are on the way), swimming and relaxing in the evenings with the occasional glass of wine and a song or two! As the slow pace of Skyrian life goes on, we feel a million miles away from the political turmoil heard about on the news. The azure blue sea is tepid, the beaches clean, untouched by mass tourism, and local produce such as honey and cheeses are readily available. Our newborn son, little Felix, who has been thoroughly enjoying the warmer climate, space and tranquility, has charmed all of the staff and Skyrian locals.

But it hasn't been all play. Zoë, together with her husband John, Atsitsa's Site Manager, have been beavering away to select a stellar team to welcome and take care of you in Atsitsa. Plus for those in the house, expect to see lovely new wardrobes with copious room for all that necessary summer wear; shiny new bathrooms with added fixtures and fittings; a selection of well chosen art in the rooms & much more. The Atsitsa gardens look absolutely awesome thanks to resident gardener and plant whisperer, Manolis, who coaxed some of the most lush Greek offerings to blossom as a welcome to you all. He has transformed Atsitsa from 'wintery site' to 'summer sight!' (see images below).
Huts in Atsitsa
Atsitsa House

Atsitsa Grounds
Double Room in Atsitsa House

Twin Share Room in Atsitsa House
Blooming Lovely

Lemon trees


  1. What about age groups as a possible single traveller aged a young 69?

    1. Hi there,
      Around 70 percent of all our guests are aged between 30 - 60 however both younger and older attend. As a young 69 you will fit right in.