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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Skyros Super Spring Offer ..

This fantastic sunny weather lately has reminded us here in the Skyros office that summer really is coming.... it's just around the corner! We're now really looking forward to the magic of the holidays on Skyros island and the bliss of Greek island life. There's just nothing to beat the combination!

John, Zoƫ, their newly-born baby boy, Felix, and the rest of the team (yes, Felix is already part of the team!) are due to arrive in Atsitsa next month to prepare the site for summer and supervise development of the bedroom facilities. Already in place, Julian and Andrew at the Skyros Centre in the village (left with Arthur Smith's group last summer) are busy preparing for the summer's guests, growing herbs ready for Vasso's kitchen and tending the gardens.

If you're now trying hard to choose between the holidays Skyros have on offer, then do get in touch and we'll do our best to help. And if you've already decided that this year you would like to go for what The Sunday Times described as 'one of the world's best holidays', well now's the time to put plans into action with the aid of our super Spring offer...

Book any Skyros holiday and pay in full between now and the 15th of April and you will receive £75 off your holiday. Combine this with your Friends of Skyros discount if you've been on a Skyros holiday before and you'll receive £150 off in total!

This means that your holiday could cost from as little as £69.50 per day including accommodation, three delicious meals per day, a choice from a wide range of courses and activities run by world-class facilitators, and the company of the most interesting, refreshing people you could hope to meet. Whether you arrive on your own or with friends you'll feel at home straight away. It's just that kind of place. But be sure to book before midnight Sunday 15 April. Don't miss this opportunity! You'll never look back....

... So hop to it like the Easter bunny and book your Skyros holiday today.

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