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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Atsitsa – The Power of Place and Space: A Path to Creativity

By Cathy Skora

Phone ringing, deadlines to meet, train schedules, projects due dates, goals to be met, reports to finish, meetings to run, problems to solve, money to be made, professional and personal relationships to be worked out ...Phew! It is a wonder that our brains can function with all of this buzz. I am reminded of a busy train switching station in Paris. How in the world can all of those trains stay on the correct tracks and get to the right places without fail? And how in the world can we navigate through our busy lives with the added layers of emotions, choices, and perceived barriers as we try to choose our right paths and stay on track?

I have found a very powerful navigating and clarifying process through the power of place and space at Atistsa. As I reflect on my 10 years plus of the regenerating nature of Atsitsa, I also see a cumulative affect that Atsitsa has had on my well being. The affect has been on a personal, physical, spiritual and a professional level.

The natural beaut
y of Atsitsa cannot be escaped by the body, mind, or spirit. The sea calls to the mind to expand and soften with gentle waves changing shape and form as they create a rhythmic and interesting orchestra of sounds that draw focus away from “static” we may have in our minds. This static is further cleared as we enjoy the scents of the pine forest and the seascape of rock formations making interesting shapes and reminding us of the potential of perspective as they appear to change shapes at different times of the day or as a reflection of how we are feeling.

The place we experience at any given time has the potential to influence and impact our perspective. Just when we might be feeling that our brain is simply too full to take on another problem, or that we have exhausted every possibility to solve a problem, a glance at the sea or a whiff of intoxicating pine forest may assist in giving us an opportunity to take a “brain breath”...letting go of what has been stopping us ...moving past a barrier, or at least giving us space to know that there is a possibility to overcome a barrier. Atistsa has given m
e the opportunity to expand my perspective of possibility and potential.

My background in studies of creativity at the International Center for Studies of Creativity in Buffalo NY has assisted in framing the benefits of place and space at Atsitsa. We all possess the natural process of creativity that runs the gamut from making works or art, inventing novel products, coming up with innovative solutions, and having the ability to look at any given situation from different perspectives without judgment of yourself or others. Additionally we can all rely on our own “gut” feelings, or that fuzzy area not easily defined that may lead you to an awakening in your personal or professional life.

All of the Skyros Holidays provide the perfect blend of space and place to allow us to explore, expand, and enhance our creative process. Creativity scholars have identified four P’s to assist in defining creativity. These are person, process, product, and press (environment). We can see a similarity between these elements of creativity and the structure of the Atsitsa experience.

The Skyros experience is ecological in nature based on the principle of ethos, guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, similar to the 4 P’s of creativity. Each person brings their own wealth to the table of community in working together to appreciate and experience nature, play, studies, and idea sharing and building for the good of the community. Through the Skyros holiday experience we all have an opportunity to experience subtle and powerful moments of insight through the power of space and place.

Through tapping into our creative nature we can experience the joy and pleasure of change and growth, experiment with paths not usually taken. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Atsitsa we can take a “brain breath”…and become open to potential. What I love about Atsitsa is that the environment provides a fertile palette for us to experiment however we need to at the moment, through play, tears, nature, laughter, love. There are so many rich paths to take through the power of place and space at Atsitsa.

Thank you Skyros Holidays for touching my heart and opening the doors to endless possibilities on many levels.

Quote from founder Dr Yannis Andricopoulos

“Likewise the spirit of innovation is ever-present. Though everything may appear settled, nothing is - the creation of Skyros is taking place daily. New ideas, whether spectacularly successful or dismally ill-conceived, flow in constantly and turn the place into the imagination's workshop.”

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