Skyros, Greece

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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sophie King's memories of Skyros

Skyros is the most extraordinary place. I sensed this from the minute we got onto the ferry to reach this amazing island. It is very spiritual but at the same time practical in that it lifts up your spirits and gives you a purpose in life as well as ideas for the future.

I was bowled over by some of the students and staff whom I met there, many
of whom had led incredible lives and wanted to share them. In fact, I still correspond with some of them. I also had some lovely feedback from students who said that I had inspired them to keep writing.

As I sit here in England writing this, I cannot wait to get back onto the terrace where we all share breakfast and lunch/ dinner. The terrace overlooks a wonderful stretch of fields right down to the sea. In the morning, I would open my French windows and step out onto the patio to join the early morning yoga class. This year, my husband will be coming with me and I am looking forward to him sharing the Skyros experience.

Sophie King

Sophie King, author of THE WEDDING PARTY which was shortlisted for LOVE
STORY OF THE YEAR 2010, ran her course at the acclaimed Writers' Lab on Skyros Island Greece. The Writers' Lab was named by The Guardian as No 1 of the World's 5 Best Writing Holidays. For more information about Sophie and her work visit To find out more about the Skyros Writers' Lab, visit or call 01983 867644.

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